Sometimes when I’m working in my studio, I flash back to childhood: I’m lying on the floor — coloring, drawing and writing for hours. It was natural, nurturing and endless entertainment. I love that now, as an adult, I will never be bored. Art keeps life interesting.


To me, teaching is simply another creative endeavor. I’m a good listener, and always come from a place of authenticity. I constantly strive to inspire, motivate and reveal while being honest and constructive. I provide a range of teaching services, from teaching workshops to offering personal creative consulting, as well as speaking and reviewing portfolios at conferences.



I live in Montana. I have a dirty, wild and endlessly sweet blue heeler, and I drive a 30-year-old truck. My house is small and tidy, and my yard is big and lush. I’m a minimalist in what I own but not in how I think, love or laugh. I love to escape to new places. I don’t love routine. I like old typewriters, unexpected loveletters, the Big Dipper, airplane windows and the wild outdoors.

Butterflies and Anvils Magazine

I also published a quarterly magazine, Butterflies and Anvils, a photographic journal about inspiration and art. Each issue features photographs, creative writing, articles about photography and the creative process, artist portfolios and interviews, and musings on traveling the artistic path.

Individual issues are available for preview and/or purchase here.


“An artist has to have friends who lift the spirit.” – Marina Abramovic

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Living & working in Missoula, Montana
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